Some of us like to kiss our cats. A few might, jokingly, bite the cat when play-fighting. But, have you ever considered LICKING your cat? Cats love when we scratch and pet them, because it feels like another cat is grooming them, sort of. Your scratches just aren’t scratchy enough.

Trying to lick your cat sounds really stupid, especially since your tongue will immediately be filled with cat hair. The solution (??!) to this issue my rest in this new, weird invention: The LICKI Brush.

licki brush cats lick your cat

LICKI is a soft silicone brush, designed to feel pleasurable to your cat’s skin. You are supposed to grasp LICKI’s bite portion with your teeth, slowly approach your cat when and, well, lick them.

The Kickstarter project has raised over 11,000 USD, with 34 more days to reach the goal of 36,500 Dollars.

So, who’s into some LICKING?


cat paw mouse

Going to work and missing your cat? Feel like squishing a bit of a cat paw? This mouse might satisfy your needs.

cat paw mouse 2

The Pnitty Mouse is toy-like computer mouse shaped like a cat paw, and it has soft, squishy pads underneath. This mouse isn’t available for purchase yet, but it successfully raised money through the crowdfunding site Makuake in order to start marketing.


Usually, when looking for cat videos, people mean “videos with cats in them”. In this case, however, we are talking about movies FOR your cat. What do cats like to watch, do you ask? The answer is simple – birds, bugs and fish! Anyone with a window to a yard or a garden (and a cat) has seen their cat sit there for hours, watching things that move outside.

What if you don’t have a proper view from your windows, but still want to entertain your cat? No problem – this is where special cat movies come to the rescue. These movies show clips of hopping birds, running squirrels, scurrying bugs and swimming fish. Some of them are so realistic, that your cat might try and grab them, so be careful.

These movies are available on YouTube for free, as you can see here:

If you want to use the computer AND keep your cat busy at the same time, you might wanna consider purchasing a cat DVD, which you can play in a loop, and even leave it on when you leave the house, so your cat won’t get bored.

Cat DVD/Videos – Keep your cat entertained!

Cat Butts Magnet Set for Fridge


If you need something really special to stick on your fridge, AND you love cats like no one else does  – here’s something interesting – a magnet set in the shape of cat butts. That’s right – CAT BUTTS.

Hardcore cat lovers – this is the perfect gift for you!

More gifts for cat lovers!


Kittens for Dummies book

Kittens for Dummies

Your friendly guide to bringing up a frisky feline

Kittens are undeniably cute and they have an unlimited amount of energy. From finding a kitten and visiting the vet to choosing the right food, litter boxes, and toys, this handy reference gets you through the toughest and most delightful era in your cats life.

Get Kittens for Dummies!

Stuff with cats on it – that’s what you wanna give your favorite cat lover (or yourself). So, what’s cool and kitty? Here ya go – 5 great gifts for cat lovers:


Cat Coffee Mug

HuesNBrews Cattitude 12 Ounce Blue Mug – Lovely and elegant, with cool black cats.


Cat Nursing

Nursing Nina Cat – Children and cat lovers will adore this unique soft toy that helps celebrate the joys of caring for little ones. Kittens attach to their mother with magnets, but can also scamper off for their own adventures.


Cat House Plush 1 Story Condo Beige - Brown

Cat House Plush 1 Story Condo – A perfect gift for cat owners. Cats love hiding places!


Cat Backpack

Aurora Plush 18 inches Esmeralda Cat Backpack – sweet, beautiful and useful – all in one gift.


Kitten Calendar 2010

The 365 Kittens a Year Calendar 2010 – One picture of a kitten for everyday. Can you handle the cuteness?


More Gifts for Cat Lovers