These are Gandalf (on the right) and Bella (on the left), having a go at each other. No kittens were harmed in the process of taking this photo.

Kittens love to rest on boobs, and not surprisingly, there are a lot of pictures out there, depicting kitties and titties. Here’s one we discovered today, via reddit:

Kitten sleeping on tits

Amazingly enough, you can also enjoy a whole tumblr full of kittens and boobs. It’s called Kitties and Titties (NSFW, of course).

Way to teach little kitty all the bad stuff!

This is a wonderful story about Marines adopting 3-weeks-old kittens and having lots of cuddles. How sweet!

I have but one thing to say: LOL!

Can a kitten be friends with a parrot? Amazingly enough – it is possible, as you can see in this series of sweet images.

Click here for the rest of the pictures

This is truly amazing – a house designed just for cats.

The house was designed by Japanese architecture firm Fauna+DeSIGN, and has many shelves, hiding places and toys for cats.

Here are some pictures of this incredible Cats’ House. Scroll down for a video. More images can be found here.


house of cats

house of cats

They are cute, they are tiny and they are very funny (most of the time).

Funny Kittens Pictures


Look at those adorable little fuzz balls!

Amazing Cute Kittens

Look at that sweet bunch of kittens. So much sweetness in one place!