What a better way to start the year, then to watch lots and lots of cute cats?

Here’s a very cool video, in which “Happy New Year 2016” is spelled with… eating cats!

Happy New Year everybody!


Here’s a lovely story about the kindness of people and cops in Korea. A kitten that was abandoned in a police station in Korea was adopted by one of the cats.

“…unable to find the animal’s owner, an officer took Mango in and brought it to a local vet. A lump was discovered in the animal’s stomach, and it needed to be removed. The operation would cost 500,000 won (US$460). The officer created a “support group” for the cat and began collecting money to cover the procedure…”

A short time after that, an identical kitten appeared at the police station!


“Now, both felines live in the police station, stretching out where they like, and coming and going as they please. Before heading out of the station, officers will stop and play with the cats. When they return, the cops will feed them snacks.”

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Did you know declawing a cat is like removing your first knuckle in every finger? Do you know why you shouldn’t give milk to cats? How were cats related to the Black Death? And which pope liked cats?

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How interesting! An in-depth look at the life of a single woman, who happens to own a cat. Why is she single? What makes the men run away from her? The answers are in this hilarious video:

I like crows almost as much as I love cats. They are very smart birds, which also means they can be extremely bold and annoying. In this soon-to-be YouTube viral hit, the crows are pestering a cat. Then another cat arrives and the real battle begins. Wait for it – it gets better at 1:20.

These two haven’t decided whether they want to play or fight. So they fight. Gently.

If there’s one reason for cat owners to envy dog owners, is the fact that you can take your dog just about anywhere. Cats, however, prefer to stay in their territory, and most of them really hate car rides. There are some cats who will let you take them on a leash, but that’s really rare. Add to that the fact that cats are easily scared – and you come to the conclusion that you can’t take your cat anywhere.

Still, there are breeds of cats who might enjoy traveling. You can read about them here.

This is a wonderful story about Marines adopting 3-weeks-old kittens and having lots of cuddles. How sweet!

We, the cat lovers, knew it all along. But here’s a video that proves it: the internet is made of cats!