Wait a second, wait a second. I know I had another kitten in here. Now, where did I put it?!

I don’t know if these are the cutest kittens in the universe, but they are pretty amazing. Check them out:

I dare you: watch this clip without uttering at least one AWWWWW. So incredibly cute!

Warning! This video contains some harsh imagery! This evil little kitten attacks the dog with no apparent reason or provocation. Ruthless, I tell ya!

Extremely cute wrestling match between a cat and a baby:

Look at it go!

Can a kitten be friends with a parrot? Amazingly enough – it is possible, as you can see in this series of sweet images.

Click here for the rest of the pictures

How can you resist THAT?

They are cute when they are awake, and they are even cuter when they are sleepy. Sleepy kitten videos! Enjoy!