Here are Spike the dog and Visa the kitten. They live together and have tons of fun, fights and naps. This is one of the cutest, funniest and most adorable clips around. War and love – all at the same time. Wonderful!

Who is going to win this epic battle? The cat or the printer?

How interesting! An in-depth look at the life of a single woman, who happens to own a cat. Why is she single? What makes the men run away from her? The answers are in this hilarious video:

The Oatmeal are known for their funny comics, and they have become a very popular site due to that.

Today they bring us the lovely comic strip – How to pet your kitty. Laugh and enjoy!

Cat Petting Instrcutions

VIA The Oatmeal

An interesting, eco-friendly way to get rid of fleas!

I know it’s not right to laugh about this, but it’s freaking hilarious 馃檪

Watch out! Don’t leave your pens unattended. You can never tell when the pen monster will be out on the hunt!

Extremely cute wrestling match between a cat and a baby:

We all know that laser pointers drive cats insane. Here’s another hilarious example:

Kittens can really test your patience sometimes!