So very cute! Mother cat and her kittens. Amazing and beautiful!

Kittens love to rest on boobs, and not surprisingly, there are a lot of pictures out there, depicting kitties and titties. Here’s one we discovered today, via reddit:

Kitten sleeping on tits

Amazingly enough, you can also enjoy a whole tumblr full of kittens and boobs. It’s called Kitties and Titties (NSFW, of course).

Cute Star Wars clip, but with kittens! Beware of the dark side of the fur!

Wait a second, wait a second. I know I had another kitten in here. Now, where did I put it?!

This is a wonderful story about Marines adopting 3-weeks-old kittens and having lots of cuddles. How sweet!

I don’t know if these are the cutest kittens in the universe, but they are pretty amazing. Check them out:

They are cute when they are awake, and they are even cuter when they are sleepy. Sleepy kitten videos! Enjoy!

They are cute, they are tiny and they are very funny (most of the time).

Funny Kittens Pictures


Look at those adorable little fuzz balls!

Amazing Cute Kittens

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