Some of us like to kiss our cats. A few might, jokingly, bite the cat when play-fighting. But, have you ever considered LICKING your cat? Cats love when we scratch and pet them, because it feels like another cat is grooming them, sort of. Your scratches just aren’t scratchy enough.

Trying to lick your cat sounds really stupid, especially since your tongue will immediately be filled with cat hair. The solution (??!) to this issue my rest in this new, weird invention: The LICKI Brush.

licki brush cats lick your cat

LICKI is a soft silicone brush, designed to feel pleasurable to your cat’s skin. You are supposed to grasp LICKI’s bite portion with your teeth, slowly approach your cat when and, well, lick them.

The Kickstarter project has raised over 11,000 USD, with 34 more days to reach the goal of 36,500 Dollars.

So, who’s into some LICKING?


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