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Zuma Blitz Tips, Tricks and a High-Score Guide

After a few weeks in closed Beta, PopCap has finally released Zuma Blitz on Facebook to the general public.

The original Zuma game was released exactly 7 years ago, on December 2003, and became one of the most popular casual games around. PopCap has created many hits after Zuma, of course, but it remained one of their most famous games.

Following the success of Bejeweled Blitz, PopCap has created Zuma Blitz – a one-minute social game that will take many hours of your spare time.

Zuma Blitz on Facebook

The purpose of Zuma Blitz is simple – score as many points as you can in one minute. You start out with just a few Lives (represented by hearts), and each time you play – you lose one. When you have finished all your lives, you can wait for them to reload (takes some time) or purchase new ones at the store. This limitation, which doesn’t exist on Bejeweled Blitz, for example, isn’t there because PopCap is worried about your productivity and wasted hours, but because it might tempt you to buy more lives using Facebook coins and/or real money.

Leveling up is meaningful on Zuma Blitz – unlike Bejeweled, where the badges are just for show. When you level up on Zuma Blitz, you get more lives, they recharge faster, you accumulate more Mojo and you get access to more power-ups.

If you need a basic guide for Zuma blitz gameplay, click here. This post is mainly for users who know how to play, and want to better their scores.

Zuma Blitz Tips and High Score Guide


Zuma Blitz Inferno Frog

This may sound obvious, but it isn’t just because you have only one minute on Zuma Blitz. Taking out as many balls as you can, as quickly as you can, will get you the Inferno Frog – 3 shots of balls that blow up, get you many points and give you the bonuses you need (mainly Chrono Balls and Multiplires). Try to get at least two Inferno Frogs in a game.


Zuma Blitz MultiplierJust as they were on Bejeweled Blitz, multipliers are very important on Zuma Blitz, as well. You can get dozens of chains, blow up balls and grab fruit, but if you didn’t catch those multipliers, you won’t get that high score. A good game is usually one when you get at least to X7 or X8. More is the better, of course. If you can get a multiplier without breaking the chain – good. If not, consider braking the chain for it – it’s usually worth it.


Zuma Blitz Time BonusYou start out on Zuma Blitz with one minute, but you can substantially extend this time. You do that by taking out Chrono Balls – each one is worth 5 more seconds. When you level up, you can also use the Chrono Ball power up, with which the Chrono Balls give you 6 seconds each. You can easily add 30-40 seconds to your game with the Chrono Balls. A longer game usually means more point.


Fruit. They are tempting. They look so juicy and pretty, and they can give you a large amount of points. Treasure chests are also very appealing – who knows what kind of bonus you’ll get! Problem is, these fun items may mess up your game – they tend to appear behind ball lines and in many cases you will break chain because of them. Also, they tend to distract you and attract your attention – thus interfering with your concentration and game flow. Take out a fruit or chest only when you are sure you can hit them, and don’t sacrifice the chain for them.


With some multipliers, chain score can get very high. Make sure you don’t break the chain and try to get as high as you can – you can get X50 and more when it comes to chains – and that’s a lot of points.


A game can start out lamely, but end up in a nice high score. That’s because most of the bigger points are accumulated towards the end of the game – after you got yourself some multipliers and turned on some chains heat. So, if you fuck up or need to sacrifice the chain, do it at the beginning of the game.


You will mess up, of course. We all do. If you missed a ball or hit the wrong spot and broke the chain – use this chance to grab some multipliers and Chrono Balls. Since your chain is gone anyway, the seconds after your mistake can be used to gaining some advantage and maybe salvaging the game.


But sparingly. You don’t want to be dependent on powers for a good game. In fact, I got my best scores without any powers. Still, powers are fun and can help you through the harder boards. There are many possible power combinations, and they change as you level up, too. Mind you – tons of blasts (Canon, Bombs) won’t guarantee high scores on Zuma Blitz – they will most likely break the chain and give you very little in return. Useful (although not as flashy) power-ups include the Multiplier (gives you X2 at the beginning of the game), Chrono Balls (makes your Chrono Balls worth 6 seconds) and Last Hurrah (blows up any remaining bonus balls at the end of the game).


Speed is essential, but plowing along without paying attention will get you into trouble. The most common mistake is not failing to compensate for the speed in which the balls move when they close a gap of two same-colored balls. If you aren’t careful, you will miss your next target, because the balls are moving at greater speed, and you might break the chain and lose important points.


Completely clearing a curve will give you many points. Use Inferno Frog or just plain fast work to clear a curve, if you can.


On a perfect game, every ball has a great target and you never break the chain. On an average game, you might not always be happy with your current ball. You can right-click in order to switch to the next ball. It might be very useful – you lose half a second, but you keep the chain and bonuses going. If the balls are the same color, it won’t be very helpful, though.

The Next Facebook Hit Game? PopCap Preps Zuma Blitz

PopCap Games, the evil people responsible for some of the worst time-wasters ever (also known as casual video games), announced that Zuma, its second best-selling game, with nearly 20 million units sold worldwide, will soon be debuting on Facebook in a free, social form. The new games will be called Zuma Blitz, and will include a host of social-centric features new to the game.

Zuma Blitz is expected to roll out gradually via Beta launch in approximately three weeks.

PopCap plans to continue evolving Zuma Blitz over time, in a fashion similar to the ongoing addition of major new features and functionality in Bejeweled Blitz. New features available at the introduction of Zuma Blitz next month are expected to include:

  • Weekly tournaments and leader-boards
  • New levels introduced regularly
  • An “experience points” system to unlock additional features and capabilities
  • A “Treasure Chest” virtual currency-based system for obtaining in-game power-ups
  • New features such as time extenders, score multipliers and the “Hot Frog” speed mode
  • Additional information on friends’ in-game performance and status such as medals won, achievements earned at various point thresholds and experience level

Zuma Blitz joins Bejeweled Blitz as PopCap’s second full-fledged social game on Facebook. Bejeweled Blitz has attracted nearly 30 million users since its introduction 18 months ago, and more than 100 million sessions of the game are played each day by consumers worldwide.

More Addictive Casual Games by PopCap

Bejeweled Blitz World Record

Getting a high score on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook is one thing – but this world record is something completely different.

PopCap games announced that a California steel contractor named Mike Leyde played a single round of Bejeweled 2, for 2,205 hours and 51 minutes over the course of three years.

In that time, he collected 4,872,229 gems, earning the game’s highest possible score, 2,147,483,647. Not only that – the score was apparently so high, that the score display got mad and went blank – maybe because it couldn’t take it anymore.

According to PopCap, Leyde is the first person to ever “beat” Bejeweled 2.

Here’s a video displaying his achievement:

The New Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook: Review, Tips & Tricks

After a lot of promos and quite a wait – it’s here. No, I’m not talking about the new iPad. Who cares about that?! What I mean, of course, it the new and improved Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.

What’s new on Bejeweled Blitz?

Boosts Bejeweled Blitz Bejeweled Blitz now presents a new big feature – Boosts. These are five different upgrades you can “buy” with virtual coins you collect during gameplay.

The game is still played as we all know it – you have one minute, align the gems, create chain reactions and get special power-up gems.

The new Blitz, though, now presents you with coins – they appear as a yellow gem and have the number 100 written on them. If you align 2 yellow gems and a coin – you get 100 coins for future Boost purchases. These coins appear randomly throughout the game, and at the end of the game you also get 1 coin for each multiplier you’ve collected.

The Boosts

New Bejeweled Blitz End Game Screen Boosts

There are 5 different boosts you can buy on the new Bejeweled Blitz. Each gives you different bonuses or upgrades, and each also has a different cost.

Detonator (2,500 coins) – This boost will detonate all power gems on the board – so you don’t have to align them yourself.

Scrambler (3,500 coins) – This boost can be used twice per game, and will scramble the board. Useful for when you have no good moves and need a fresh start.

+5 Seconds (5,000 coins) – Adds 5 seconds to the game, so you get to play 65 seconds.

Mystery Gem (5,500 coins) – A cool boost for gamblers. This gives you a random power gem at the beginning of the game.

Free Multiplier (7,500 coins) – No wonder this boost is the most expensive – it will give you a X2 multiplier right at the start of the game. This greatly increases your chances to get a higher score.

Even More Medals

New Bejeweled Blitz Medals

If you already filled up all your medal bars and reached Gold Level on all scores, the new Bejeweled Blitz presents you with new challenges. There are now medals for 300K points, 350K, 400K, 450K and even 500K points. If you are the competitive type, this is sure to keep you busy for a while. Here you can read a guide for getting a high score in Bejeweled Blitz.

It seems that PopCap assumes that you can reach higher scores in the new Blitz, because of the boosts. So, start clicking away and see if they’re right.

Higher Scores, More Addiction

It’s clear that the new Bejeweled Blitz was designed to make it more addictive. The ability to get upgrades via the coins, will make you come back more often. The new medals are also guaranteed to make the more competitive players try harder and waste more minutes (and hours) in order to get higher scores and all the possible medals.

The New Bejeweled Blitz – Tips, Tricks and Strategy

  1. The basics are the same – if you are looking to score big on Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, you still need to work fast and make use of your 60 (or 65) seconds. Here’s a guide for scoring big on Bejeweled Blitz.
  2. Boosts X3 – when you buy a boost, you actually get it for 3 rounds. You can have up to three boosts active at any time.
  3. The Best Boost – the Free Multiplier boost is obviously the best one. It gives you a X2 right at the beginning, and if you can activate it right away, you won’t even need the 10 seconds rule.
  4. The Best Boost Combo – that would be a Free Multiplier, Mystery Gem and Detonator. You can also switch the Mystery Gem with +5 Seconds.
  5. Don’t chase the coins – all the coins that are left on the board are added to your total at the end of the game. If you can get them easily – that’s great, but don’t go out of your way to collect them, even though they can be a bit distracting.
  6. Multipliers are still the key – not only for the game itself, but for the boosts as well – each multiplier grants you a coin at the end of the game.



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Gyromancer – The New Addictive Game on the Block?

If you are into Bejeweled Blitz, you know how much time it rob of your life. If you love RPG games as well, you are in deep trouble, because here comes Gyromancer, a new addictive game from PopCap and Square Enix.

This game will be a combination of puzzle and role-playing games. Here is the official trailer:

The main character is a mage named Rivel who’ll have to work his way through more than 10 stages of puzzles, while collecting more than 50 different beasts to aid him in battle.

Gyromancer Features

– 12 Exhilarating Stages
– Addictive Puzzle Gameplay
– Deep RPG Leveling System
– More than 50 Monsters to use in Battle
– Online Leaderboard

Gyromancer will be released next week, on November 18th, as part of Wednesday’s Xbox LIVE Arcade game.

Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook: A High Score Guide

Bejeweled Blitz – Intro

Bejeweled Blitz is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Currently, over 8.5 million users play it monthly. The purpose of the game is to score as many points as possible – in the time frame of one minute. This is a special version of the original Bejeweled by PopCap. As with most PopCap games, Bejeweled Blitz is tons of fun, full of effects, colors and options, and mainly – very addictive. If you have been playing Bejeweled Blitz for a while now, and want to better your game, here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get that high-score. This post isn’t for those “playing just for fun” – it’s a strategy guide for scoring 300K points and more, and being the first among your Facebook friends.

My personal all-time best score on Bejeweled Blitz is 476,950 and here’s the screenshot to prove it (click to enlarge). How did I do it? A bit of luck, a bit of patience and some important things to remember:

bejeweled blitz highscore facebook

Bejeweled Blitz – The 10 Seconds Rule

The most important gem on the game is the multiplier gem. Without it, you can’t get really high scores. You have to reach a multiplier of 4 for a decent game, and a multiplier of 6-7 orĀ  more for a great game. This means your game centers around the multipliers. And here’s the simple rule – if you don’t get the first multiplier in the first 10 seconds of the game – it’s not going to be a good game. So, abort and restart. Basically, since you have only 60 seconds in the game, you have to nail a multiplier every 10 seconds or less. It won’t happen every game, and that’s why you don’t need to spend time on games that are doomed to be low-scoring from the get go. You can continue playing if you need the practice – but otherwise, there’s no reason to waste time on mediocre games.

Multiplier gems appear when you make 12 gems or more disappear in one swipe. This can happen through chain reactions or multiple explosions of fire gems. If the board is weak, and you are not getting a lot of fire gems or chain reactions, you need to consider restarting the game. When a multiplier appears – do everything you can to get it. It’s your top priority.

Work Fast

This might seem obvious, but what you are really aiming here is Blazing Speed. This mode is not easy to achieve, but once you reach it, every move you make created explosions and destroys many gems. If you are already in a multiplier of 5-6 – it’s a great score boost.

Play at the Bottom

Chain reactions are more likely to happen if you work at the bottom of the screen. Concentrate your attention there, and go to the top of the screen only when you don’t have any more options at the bottom. A board that has no bottom moves right from the start is likely to produce a mediocre game – so skip it and restart.

Use Hints

Even skilled players, playing regular 250K games, night find themselves stuck for a few seconds. Since you don’t have much time on Bejeweled, getting stuck is a bad idea. If you don’t find your next move real quick, get a hint. It’ll get you going again and save you a few distracting seconds of searching for the next move. Of course, if all you do is get hints, this might not be the best of games, and you might wanna restart.

Kill the Sounds

There’s a bit of a debate about this, and of course each player has their own taste and preferences. Should you turn off the sound on Bejeweled? I say YES – I scored my best games while playing on mute, or listening to music or the TV. It’s good not to hear the annoying sound of the last 15 seconds, and avoid the distracting sounds of the gems blowing up and the narrator telling you how SPECTACULAR you are.

Kill the Firegems

Don’t wait or save the bonus gems. The second you get a chance – blow them up. If there are few firegems grouped together, it’s even more important to destroy them, because they can give you a multiplier.

Don’t Wait for the Gems

This is a nice feature in Facebook’s Bejeweled – you don’t have to wait for your move to finish, in order to start the next swipe. So, don’t wait for the gems and just keep swiping, as fast as you can. Remember – work mainly at the bottom of the screen, get the multipliers and try to achieve Blazing Speed.

Don’t Wait for the Go

You can actually start playing before the announcer says “GO”. Try it out – it gives you a few more seconds of game time.

Good Luck!

5 Hottest Games on Facebook

Hardcore gamers might snicker at Facebook’s ultra-casual games, but they do serve one important cause – wasting a lot of time. All those bored kids, bored high-tech workers and bored unemployed people are very happy to pass big portions of their day with the simple games of Facebook.

Here are 5 of the currently hottest games on Facebook:


Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Holdem Poker Facebook

Hold’em has become one of the most popular games on the net – not only on Facebook. This Facebook version of the engaging card game allows you to play against your friends and waste tons of time while you’re at it.


Paf Le Chien

paf le chien facebook

This silly little game requires almost no skills at all, but still manages to be addictive and slightly amusing. Your job is to kick Paf as far as possible. Your kick launches the creatures, and things along the way either help it fly further or slow it down. You can post your high scores to your profile and annoy your friends because you broke THEIR record by two meters.


Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Facebook Game

If you have always dreamed of becoming Don Corleone, here’s a chance to practice – the Mafia Wars game on Facebook enables you to start your own Mafia, with the help of family and friends. The goal is to become the most powerful familia, while annoying as many as your friends with stupid Twitter updates and direct messages.


Bejeweled Blitz

bejeweled blitz facebbok game

The guys at PopCap sure know their jobs – even when it comes to Facebook games. The all-too-addictive game of Bejeweled Blitz is a huge hit among ladies. It’s simple – you have one minute to score as many points as you can. True to PopCap tradition, the game is full of colors, fun and cool sound. There’s also a ranking system with medals, which keeps you going and going, in order to get them all.



farmville facebook game

Currently the most popular game on Facebook, with 55,268,478 monthly active users, FarmVille has spread like diseased crops in every corner of social media sites. The goal is to build and maintain your own farm, and develop it over time. The game continues even when you are not around. If you are into crops, cows and sheep – this is the game for you.