Zynga Gets Hit: Facebook Bans Fishville

Only two days after the launch of Zynga’s new Facebook game, Fishville, it was unceremoniously banned from Facebook. The reason? Facebook says that they are not sure Zynga demonstrates compliance with Facebook restrictions — as well as Zynga’s own restrictions.

Zynga is the creator of the most popular game on Facebook today – Farmville. Lately, the company has been the target of tons of criticism over its use of dubious advertising and monetizing techniques. Zynga is trying very hard to remedy some of the issues, and stated in its blog that: “we recognize it is our responsibility to ensure that offers which generate a bad user experience are not shown with any of our games.”

Currently, Fishville is not available on Facebook. There are several aquarium games you can play, like Happy Aquarium. Despite the outrage, Farmville remains, at the moment, the most played game on Facebook, with over 63 million monthly active users.

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