5 Expensive Pens for the Avid Writer

Pens can be a remarkable gift. They have this personal touch, and they are very important to those who love to write. A good quality pen doesn’t have to be expensive, of course. Actually, some of the best pens I’ve ever tried were simple, cheap pens (lately I adore Foray products). Still, every now and then, you want to pamper yourself (or your loved ones) with a lavish, expensive pen. Now, I’m not talking about Faberge pens for 10,000$ (those are the cheaper ones), but sort-of affordable luxury pens.

Here are five expensive pens that I found around the net:

Namiki Emperor Rabbit In Moonlight Fountain Pen

For a mere 6,800$ you’ll get this wonderful, unique pen. Each pen is designed with an 18 karat gold and rhodium accented nib, provide nib preference with payment. Each pen comes with a traditional oriental wood gift box directly from the orient with bottled ink which completes this great pen experience.

Pelikan Toledo Sterling Silver Red Fountain Pen

Taking more than 200 processes and one month of time to make the Toledo into what it is, each the fountain pen is carefully handcrafted with the Pelikan Bird and there is no one Toledo identical. The barrel of each Pelikan Toledo is adorned by our master craftsmen, individually and by hand, with a finely engraved design of high artistry. Incised into a sleeve of solid 925 sterling silver, cap, front section and filler knob in red high-grade resin.

Conway Stewart Westminster Teal Fountain Pen

The Conway Stewart Westminster Collection is meticulously crafted out of English hallmarked solid sterling silver and painted with teal enamel. The cap and barrel of these pens display a small diamond shape pattern that recalls the decorative detail on the outside of the Westminster Palace, designed by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. This elegant collection is equipped with an 18K solid gold nib and utilizes a converter/ cartridge filling system. The Conway Stewart Westminster Collection is only available in 100 Fountain and Roller Ball Pens.

Faber Castell Pen of the Year 2008

The Pen of the Year 2008 combines elegant looks, an inimitable feel, and excellent writing qualities. The interplay that develops between the warmly shimmering satinwood tones and the cool platinum-plated metal parts is as impressive for its fine detail as for its brilliant overall impression. The masterpiece is crowned by a chessboard-faceted citrine gemstone set in the platinum-plated end cap. The elaborate craftsmanship and the individual grain of the wood make each and every Pen of the Year 2008 a unique work of art.

Mont Blanc George Bernard Shaw Fountain Pen

Naturally, you can’t have a list like this without a Mont Blanc pen in it. This amazing company has so many beautiful, unique pens, it’s really hard to choose one sample. Still, here’s a very lovely, interesting pen: Dark green marbled lacquer punctuated with platinum-plated fittings. These are the style features of the new Writers Edition in honour of the distinguished Irish free thinker George Bernard Shaw. Features a Platinum Plated 18K gold nib and flower engraving. Under the ivory-colored Montblanc star on the cap is the sweeping signature of George Bernard Shaw. The Montblanc George Bernard Shaw series is limited to 16,000 fountain pens, 18,000 ballpoint pens, and 4,000 sets.

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