5 Gift Ideas for Drummers

Drummers Rock! Well, sometimes they play Jazz, too. Anyway, here are 5 great gift ideas for drummers:


Spectrum AIL601 7 Pad Digital Drum Pack – A big electronic drum set can be really expensive, but with this cool gadget you can enjoy electronic drums for a fraction of the price. The Spectrum AIL601 has been preloaded with 100 preset songs so you can tap along with the melodies. Using drumsticks and 2 foot pedals, play is quite like a standard drum set but the digital electronics offer more power and capability.



Drumdial Drum Tuner – With the Drumdial Drum Tuner, timpani, snare drums, rack toms, and bass drums are all easily tuned without even hitting the drumhead. DrumDial measures tympanic pressure, not tension-rod torque. As a drummer you’ll appreciate how easily and accurately you can tune your drums with the Drumdial Drum Tuner.



Moon Gel Drum Damper Pads – If you don’t have a budget, this gift is ideal. You can get these for less than 10$. The self-adhesive gel sticks to the surface of drums, cymbals, and most percussion instruments. The possibilities are endless, by simply moving the damper pad around the surface, you can eliminate any unwanted resonance, and obtain the exact sound the situation demands.



Zildjian Cymbal Gig Bag – This knap sack style bag is capable of carrying cymbals up to 22″ in diameter in its main compartment that features three dividers for cymbal organization.



Pro-Mark Mike Portnoy Autograph Series Drumsticks – As one of the world’s leading clinicians, Mike Portnoy continues to push the boundaries of progressive rock music with his band Dream Theater. Length: 16-1/8″ Diameter .531″.