5 Gifts for Bicycle Riders

Bell PRO-GEL Cycling Gloves

The Bell PRO-GEL Cycling Gloves feature superior styling and lightweight design. Three divided gel inserts provide shock absorption and reduce hand fatigue. The perforated palm venting and stretch nylon/spandex back provide superior comfort.


Planet Bike Protege 9.0 Wireless 9-Function Bike Computer

Ideal for training, touring, or keeping track of your car-free miles, the Planet Bike Protege 9.0 wireless bike computer gives you all the information you need while cycling. The Protege 9.0 tracks such details as current speed, comparative speed, ride time, trip distance, average speed, and maximum speed, while also offering a dual odometer (for two wheel sizes), a clock, and a thermometer. Riders can easily switch follow all the data points thanks to the four-line MacroMonitor LCD display, which shows up to five pieces of data at a glance. Finally, the computer is remarkably lightweight at 0.12 pounds, so it won’t slow you down on the track or the trail.


Hello Kitty Bike Bell

Because sometimes you have to be cute! Click here for more info.


Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock

Big city cyclists need big city protection, as would-be thieves aren’t intimidated by just any bicycle lock. Enter the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit U-lock, which features an 18mm hardened Max-Performance steel shackle designed to resist bolt cutters and leverage attacks. Ideal for anyone who lives in moderately high crime areas, the New York Fahgettaboutit boasts a maximum 12 ranking on the Kryptonite 1-12 lock comparison system, which ranks the varying levels of security offered by the company’s product range.

A lock that ranks 1 on the Kryptonite scale might work if you live in the burbs and have a Rottweiler parked next to your bike or motorcycle. However, city dwellers demand extreme protection, which is why the New York Fahgettaboutit is built for serious deterrent security. The U-lock also offers such security-enhancing features as a high-security disc-style cylinder; an oversized, hardened steel sleeve over the crossbar for double security; double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power; and a center keyway that defends against leverage attacks. And as a bonus, the lock comes with three keys, one of which is lighted with a high-intensity bulb that makes it easy to unlock the Fahgettaboutit after dark. Other features include a protective vinyl coating, a sliding dust cover that protects and extends the cylinder life, and dimensions of 3.25 by 6 inches.


Topeak Pocket Shock DXG Bike Pump

Short length maximizes high-pressure performance; inflates up to 300 psi. Features anti-air-loss shock valve and air pressure release button. Short length maximizes high pressure performance. Convenient rotating hose.