5 Gifts for World of Warcraft Addicts

There’s a good reason why World of Warcraft is dubbed “World of Warcrack”. Yeah, it’s because it’s one of the most addictive games ever, ruining lives and families, killing days of free time and work time and leaving nothing behind but an exhausted gamer.

Do you know a WoW addict? Here are 5 gift ideas for them.

5 Gift Ideas for World of Warcraft Addicts


Mana Energy PotionMana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers. It’s for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash.



World of Warcraft Master Guide – The official guide to World of Warcraft, with tons of information and helpful tips.



SteelSeries Special-Edition World of Warcraft Mouse – The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse was designed specifically for World of Warcraft by Blizzard and SteelSeries. The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse provides remarkable benefits to all MMO gamers, regardless of level or play style. The mouse features incredible customization options to accommodate personal preferences. Seamless integration between software and hardware will provide an amazing in-game experience that provides superior performance, comfort and control. The World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse is fully scalable to meet and exceed the requirements of even the most discerning World of Warcraft gamer.



World of Warcraft Alliance Crest Beanie – Before you venture to the unforgiving wastes of Icecrown, tuck your sensitive skull into a new Alliance Crest Beanie. It’s got enough frost resistance to make Sapphiron’s Frost Breath feel like a blown kiss, and the emblazoned banner of Azeroth’s fairer races will instill awe in those who are fortunate enough to behold you.



SteelSeries Limited-Edition Zboard Keyset Wrath of the Lich King – This SteelSeries Zboard Limited Edition Keyset (WotLK) is customized for the World of Warcraft® expansion, Wrath of the Lich King®, but will also work together with any other World of Warcraft® PC game. After mounting the keyset to the SteelSeries Zboard base, the gaming experience will enhance drastically due to specific keys assigned for Raiding and Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay. Strategical placement of color-coded labelled keys and one-touch macros for frequent commands like roll, duel and invite, will help provide immersion, mastery of the game and help increase the users actions per minute (APM).


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