5 Great Stuffed Animal Toys for Kids

Here are 5 great stuffed and plush toys, animal shaped, to give as gifts for kids:


Plush Bitty Rabbit – cute and brown – a perfect sweet gift for a chid. This toy is stuffed with beans.



Melissa & Doug Elephant – Plush – Make way for the elephant! You’ll need plenty of room in your heart for this lovable elephant. Excellent quality construction and attention to detail are obvious in this elephant’s tusks, wrinkled trunk, floppy ears, right down to its toenails.



Cuddlekins Triceratops – Truly Realistic Dinosuar lets your kids learn as they play. This Triceratops is licensed by the Natural History Museum and approved by NHM Paleontologists.



Nursing Nina Cat – Children will adore this unique soft toy that helps celebrate the joys of caring for little ones. Kittens attach to their mother with magnets, but can also scamper off for their own adventures.



Hunny BIG Teddy Bear – This fella is over 2 feet in length – a great teddy bear to cuddle with. This golden brown teddy bear features a soft gentle plush accented by irresistible brown eyes and a cute black nose.