5 Solar Powered Gifts for Travelers

Solar energy is a wonderful thing. There’s plenty of it, it’s cheap, eco-friendly and you can use it almost anywhere. Travelers would love any solar-powered gift or gadget, because they are extremely useful (and might even be life-saving) when traveling or hiking in remote places.

Here are 5 Solar-Powered Gifts for Travelers:


5 Gallon Solar Shower – The Summer Shower is designed with efficient 4-ply construction containing an insulator panel, which helps generate warmer water faster. This premium quality shower comes with an easy to use ON/OFF shower head and an extra large screw cap valve makes filling easy. Just simply roll up shower after use for easy and compact storage. It’s an ideal product for camping, fishing, beach fun, sailing, or on your next hiking trip.



EverLite Solar Headlamp – This is the world’s first solar powered LED headlamp. Use it, and neverĀ  worry about dead batteries, charging up, or draining our natural resources.



Deluxe Solar Cooking System – This might seem a bit bulky – but it’s useful and energy-saving. A solar cooking system that cooks as fast as a gril – without fire, smoke, gasoline or wood. A great gift for the eco-minded traveler or camper.



Foldable Solar Charger with Battery Charger – The Brunton SolarPort 4.4 Charger is an innovative energy alternative to keep your cell phone running, your GPS tracking, and your digital camera recording images. Just plug your device in, and let the sun do the rest. The SolarPort 4.4 charges your electronics through a USB connection, and its durability is unprecedented.



Solar Safari Cool Hat – Stay shaded and cool in sultry conditions. This hat is fitted with a micro-weight, solar-powered fan – to keep you nice and cool even during the hot hours of the day.