Casio Men’s Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Functional Digital Watch

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Multi-Functional Digital Watch

All Casio Pathfinders feature Digital compasses, Altimeters, Barometers and Thermometers. All have the easy to use functions, Casio calls this the A, B, C’s: One button gets you to where you need to be. Press A for Altimeter (Thermometer), B for Barometer, and C for Compass, it is as easy as ABC!

Some Pathfinders also have such technology as Tough Solar Power for battery life of 20-30 years (great for our planet), Atomic timekeeping for the more precise time available on earth as well as unique features like moon phase and tide graphs.

Depending on the model Pathfinders are water resistant from 100M to 200M. Pathfinders come in a variety of styles including Rubber/Resin bands, and even Titanium for the business man who is a weekend warrior.

Pathfinders feature advanced measurement functions making full use of miniaturized sensor technologies that monitor the changes in natural phenomena from moment to moment with reliable accuracy. Combining the operability required for an outdoor tool with the accuracy of a fine quality timepiece, PATHDINDER is constantly exploring new fields in pursuit of evolution without end.

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