Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure
Dancing Groot Bobble Action Figure

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From the Guardians of the Galaxy film comes this Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Figure! The Guardians of the Galaxy has been around since 1969 and with a movie finally made, Marvel gives the superhero team the Funko Pop! Vinyl treatment! This Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl Bobble Figure can dance along to your “Awesome Mix” on a desk or on your car’s dashboard with his bobbling head! The Dancing Groot Pop! Vinyl figure makes an essential addition to any Guardians of the Galaxy fan’s collection!

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Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle

100% WATERPROOF Apple iPod shuffle - waterproofed by UNDERWATER AUDIO for swimming, surfing and dancing in the rain

Underwater Audio’s pioneering dual-core waterproofing technology has been exceeding customer’s expectations since its introduction. Often imitated, never replicated, Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod sets the industry standard and was the first to use a double layer of defense to protect against water and corrosion. Each iPod meets the rigorous IPX8 standard (tested to 200 ft- for use fully submerged) and will go with you from land to sea and everywhere in between.

Underwater Audio starts with a genuine Apple iPod shuffle. Each shuffle is individually waterproofed using our proprietary process and undergoes extensive quality checks before it is shipped to you. Designed for swimmers, water lovers, and runners in the rain, this sleek and lightweight music player has all the features of the latest 2GB iPod Shuffle, with the added bonus of being waterproof!

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80s Movies that are Still Great to Watch

Moving on with time doesn’t mean you have to abandon what you loved in the past.

Those of us who grew up during the 80s, know and remember many great movies that were made during that time. Sometimes it seems that they don’t make them as wonderful as they used to. Here are some great eighties movies that stayed great, and are certainly worth watching even today.

Great Movies from the 80s


Kevin Bacon was and still is amazing. The songs still take, and the story is a classic one – the young rebel against the old conventions, the new guy is having a hard time being accepted, and the priest’s daughter is always the most naughty one on the block.

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash

A great movie for computers-nostalgia lovers, general geeks and anyone who loves to hear Whoopy Goldberg curse like there’s no tomorrow. The cold war was never funnier.

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Dirty Dancing

One of the most romantic movies ever, with the wonderful Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace. The songs are still thrilling, and the dancing is still amazing. Almost makes you wanna go and spend your summer at Kellerman’s.

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The Karate Kid

Who didn’t want to learn Karate after watching this movie? Wax on, wax off, people. Karate for defense only!!!


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A crazy movie with a crazy actor, about one of the greatest geniuses ever – Mozart. An ageless, funny and tragic story, that can still remind you how short life is.


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The movie that still gives people the chills, even from 30 years away. Ever wander what’s lurking under YOUR house? And are you still scared of static on your TV set?

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This one hardly needs an introduction. Who you gonna call?!

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2012 Calendars: The Best Calendars for 2012

Time flies by, and the year 2012 is already upon us. Time to get yourself a cool calendar to mark the passing of time. Here are some great 2012 calendars – great gift ideas for a dear one or for yourself.

2012 Calendars

Zen Cat 2012 Wall Calendar

Cat Calendar 2012

The Zen Cat 2012 Wall Calendar is a meditation in art and words on the sacredness and interconnectedness of all life. Artist and author Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin uses painting and poetry to communicate a message from the pure heart of the universe.


Space: Views from the Hubble Telescope 2012 Calendar

Space Calendar 2012

Maybe this year you’ll reach the stars!

Accompanying each of this calendar’s twelve amazing Hubble images is a concise description of the celestial phenomenon depicted. Important dates in the history of space exploration, as well as current astronomical events, are noted throughout.


Dilbert: 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar

Dilbert 2012 Calendar

Because every day is a Dilbert day! More info on this 2012 calendar – here.


Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light: 2012 Wall Calendar

Paintings Calendar 2012

Thomas Kinkade acknowledges life’s simple pleasures and special moments through his paintings. Each full-color monthly spread in the Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light 2012 Wall Calendar features a life-affirming painting, including one of the artist’s newest and most poignant paintings, Homecoming Hero, a tribute to our brave soldiers around the world. This lovely calendar is packaged in a matching full-color envelope.


Disney 2012 Daily Calendar: A Year of Animation

Disney 2012 Calendar

A lovely calendar for kids or nostalgic people. More info on the Disney 2012 calendar – here.


Planet Earth 2012 Wall Calendar

Planet Earth Calendar 2012

An event five years in the making, Planet Earth is one of the most breathtaking nature documentaries ever made, and the first to be filmed in high definition. Here, weekly facts combine with gorgeous photography to offer a year filled with wildlife and their habitats.


Talking Fortune Teller 2012 Wall Calendar

Fortune Teller Calendar 2012

So, what does 2012 have in store for you?

Go ahead, ask. Ask anything at all! The Talking Fortune Teller Calendar brings the old-fashioned mechanical fortune teller booths of the carnival and boardwalk to any room of the house. Every month features a different clairvoyant who promises to peer into your future and, at the press of a button, answer whatever questions you have.


The Twilight Saga “Breaking Dawn” 16 Month Calendar 2012

Twilight Calendar 2012

This is The Twilight Sage “Breaking Dawn” 16 month calendar going from September 2011 – December 2012, and features many of the main characters from the New Twilight movie.

More Twilight accessories.


Dr. Who Calendar 2012

Dr Who Calendar 2012

More info on the Dr. Who Calendar.



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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Limited Edition Collector’s Box Set

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Soundtrack Collector's Edition

Harry Potter fans – this is the gift for you!

The dramatic soundtrack of the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in a unique collector’s set. This amazing gift includes:

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Presentation of high quality film photography on heavy card stock featuring two 35MM film cells cut from the movie reel.
  • 7 inch double sided picture Vinyl Disc with score from the movie – for old-school people…
  • DVD with 5.1 audio mix of Alexandre Desplat’s score.
  • Movie poster

And much more! Complete details here.

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Check this out: Harry Potter Gifts!

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Burlesque [Blu-ray] – Cher and Christina Aguilera


Burlesque [Blu-ray] – Cher and Christina Aquilera

There is, according to Burlesque, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip that looks like a blend of Cabaret and Moulin Rouge andemploys a full contingent of dancers and musicians in the service of a neo-retro-burlesque-blues program.

Presiding over the craziness within is Tess, a grande dame who also performs occasionally and who could only, under these circumstances, be played by Cher. Entering the scene is a young leather-lunged hopeful from Iowa named Ali, played by Christina Aguilera in her movie-acting debut.

The vibe of this glitzy concoction is more Flashdance than Showgirls, despite prerelease predictions that the film would be a campfest of epic proportions. In fact, it’s more cornball than trashy. Ali hits most of the clichés of the genre: defying Tess’s skepticism by proving her mettle during an impromptu stage number; flirting with the nice-guy bartender (Cam Gigandet, of Twilight) whose home she shares for a while, in a purely platonic way, of course, just until she gets her feet on the ground; and keeping a wary eye on the high roller (Eric Dane, of Grey’s Anatomy) who wants to possess her, because, you see, he takes whatever he likes.

And did we mention that Tess is facing foreclosure on the club in a month’s time? Seriously, you didn’t see that coming? Writer-director Steve Antin has no embarrassment about putting any of this across, which may be why it all feels weirdly innocent, if relentlessly silly.

Stanley Tucci revives his gay assistant from The Devil Wears Prada, Alan Cumming lurks about in an undefined role that might well have been filmed months after everybody else, and Kristen Bell enjoys a few wicked-witch moments as Ali’s main rival. Aguilera, needless to say, belts out her songs as only someone with a very large voice can, and Cher stops the show with an old-fashioned torch song (“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”) that is clearly designed as a roof-raiser. (And, by gum, it works.) This is a ridiculous movie, but it gets points for never claiming to be anything else.

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The Social Network [Blu-ray]

The Social Network

The Social Network [Blu-ray]

They all laughed at college nerd Mark Zuckerberg, whose idea for a social-networking site made him a billionaire. And they all laughed at the idea of a Facebook movie–except writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher, merely two of the more extravagantly talented filmmakers around.

Sorkin and Fincher’s breathless picture, The Social Network, is a fast and witty creation myth about how Facebook grew from Zuckerberg’s insecure geek-at-Harvard days into a phenomenon with 500 million users. Sorkin frames the movie around two lawsuits aimed at the lofty but brilliant Zuckerberg (deftly played by Adventureland‘s Jesse Eisenberg): a claim that he stole the idea from Ivy League classmates, and a suit by his original, now slighted, business partner (Andrew Garfield).

The movie follows a familiar rise-and-fall pattern, with temptation in the form of a sunny California Beelzebub (an expert Justin Timberlake as former Napster founder Sean Parker) and an increasingly tangled legal mess. Emphasizing the legal morass gives Sorkin and Fincher a chance to explore how unsocial this social-networking business can be, although the irony seems a little facile.

More damagingly, the film steers away from the prickly figure of Zuckerberg in the latter stages–and yet Zuckerberg presents the most intriguing personality in the movie, even if the movie takes pains to make us understand his shortcomings. Fincher’s command of pacing and his eye for the clean spaces of Aughts-era America are bracing, and he can’t resist the technical trickery involved in turning actor Armie Hammer into privileged Harvard twins (Hammer is letter-perfect). Even with its flaws, The Social Network is a galloping piece of entertainment, a smart ride with smart people… who sometimes do dumb things.

Oh yeah, and did we mention that Jesse Eisenberg ROCKS?!

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Iron Man Walking Rc Robot

Iron Man Walking Rc Robot

Iron Man Walking Rc Robot

Children ages four and up can bring the excitement of the Iron Man 2 movie home with the Real Walking Iron Man action figure. Kids will love the wrist remote that lets them march Iron Man into imaginative battle and enjoy his humorous sound effects and glowing eyes and chest. And parents will love this toy’s durable design and battery-saving feature that ensure long-term play.

Using a wristwatch-style remote, your child can make Real Walking Iron Man march into action. His hips, knees, ankles, and feet articulate, and by pressing and holding the walk button, your child can make Iron Man take multiple bold strides. Iron Man also rotates at the waist and can raise his arms to fire missiles from his wrists. Missiles can also be deployed from Iron Man’s shoulder-launchers for added firing–and fun–options.
Iron Man Walking Rc Robot
During play, Iron Man shouts lines like, “Let’s see what this suit can do.” Audio effects, such as the charging sound of a high-powered machine, add to the excitement this 12-inch action figure delivers.

With colors and contours modeled to match the suit in the movie, the Real Walking Iron Man will immediately capture your child’s attention. This Iron Man figure is durable and robust enough for most walking excursions thanks to its impact-resistant plastic design, stable wide base, and snap-on shoulder-launchers.

Iron Man’s handy sleep mode kicks in if he remains inactive for a few minutes, putting him into a partial shut-down state in order to conserve batteries. Just press his chest button to reawaken him for immediate play-time action.

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