ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder

Hands Free HD Video Camera Camcorder Gift

Your adventures and fun can now be easily documented! When you are out there, cycling, traveling, climbing a mountain or skydiving, you really want to capture the experience. Problem is, most of these activities demand your attention and both of your hands.

This great HD camcorder solves the problem for you – a hands-free HD digital video camera – a great gadget for any traveler, adventurer or sportsman.

The ContourROAM is waterproof to one meter. A sealed gasket protects the camera’s insides, allowing you to catch the action under water or in the rain, sleet, or snow. The camera also has an aluminum body, that makes it tough and sturdy, and fit for all adventure types.

Available up to 32GB the MicroSD card system captures up to eight hours of footage when shooting in full 1080p mode, and can be quickly swapped out so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

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