Geek Halloween Costumes – Halloween Costumes for Geeks

Geeks, rejoice! Halloween is coming, and it’s your chance to do a cool cosplay without people looking at you in a weird way! 😛

Just kidding. Halloween is a great time to everybody – choosing costumes is fun, and every year there are more sophisticated, interesting and unique costumes to choose from. Today we’ll give you a list of great geeky costumes for Halloween. Embrace the geek in you and become a character in your favorite sci-fi movie, book or computer game!

Halloween Costumes for Geeks


Star Trek The Next Generation Shirt

Star Trek TNG Costume

Gold or red? Maybe blue? Wanna be a commander or even a captain? This costume is for you – a Star Trek: TNG shirt of your choice! You get the shirt, pips and an embroidered communicator pin. Make it so!


Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume

Amazing Darth Vader Costume

If you are very serious with your Halloween costumes, this one is for you. This is a Darth Vader costume, which will make people tremble when you come around! Includes: jumpsuit with quilted ‘faux leather’ pants and sleeves. Ominous & flaring cape from Lucas Studios original patterns. Heavy duty injection molded armor pieces cast from original Lucas Studios molds include: collar, shoulder, guards, boot tops, chest piece & belt. Includes Oversized Supreme Edition Mask & Helmet, also includes gloves with gauntlets.


Lord of the Rings Arwen Costume

LOTR Arwen Costume

Beautiful, graceful. elegant and majestic – why not be Arwen this year? The most beautiful Elf, Arwen, in this lovely long gown accented by lace sleeves with flowing bell cuffs. Costume also includes the elegant crown. Pair with Aragorn King of Gondor for a royal couples costume.


Halo 3 Master Chief Adult Costume

Halo Costume

Just don’t shoot anybody… A great geeky Halloween costume for any fan of Halo.


Dr. Who Cyberman Adult Costume

Dr. Who Costume

Kinda creepy, but still very cool – check out this Dr. Who costume.


Gray Alien Costume

Alien Costume


Simple and to the point – just an alien.


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