Halloween Accessories – Useful Halloween Items

Choosing a Halloween costume is just the first step. After that, as you well know, it’s time to accessorize! Whether as add-ons for your costume or party treats and decorations – Halloween accessories are important for the fun. Here are a few cool and useful Halloween accessories and decor:

Red Wig

Red Wig

A great addition to any sexy costume. Dress as Jessica Rabbit or any other hot redhead.


Women’s Halloween Plunder-130X Boot

Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Halloween Plunder-130X Boot

Whether you need to complete your sexy pirate costume, or just want to add some swashbuckling style to your downtown wardrobe, Pleaser’s Halloween Plunder boot will definitely do the trick.


Golden Goddess Sandal

Halloween Goddess Sandal Gold

Dress up as Isis or a Greek goddess – and don’t forget sandals that befit such a mighty entity as yourself!


 Disney Alice in Wonderland Licensed Mad Hatter Hat

Mad Hatter Hat

If you need a hat – the Mad Hatter’s Hat is the way to go.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Collectors Helmet

Just as long as you are not too short to be a Stormtrooper.


 Maleficent Costume Hat

Also useful as an accessory for any witch costume.


Halloween Spider Tea Light Candle holders

Spider Candle Holders

A cute and lovely set, will make any table a little bit spooky.


Grim Reaper Holding Candle Lantern

Grim reaper candle holder

A scary decor item, for haunted houses and general Halloween creepiness.


Hanging Bats

Bats decoration for Halloween

These fabric bats can be hanged from ceilings and doorways, as a nice decoration for a Halloween party.


Creepy Eye Ball Halloween Salt and Pepper Shakers

Eyeball salt and pepper shakers Halloween



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