Introducing Shii – The Wii For Women

Why don’t women play video games? Do you need to create special games for women, in order for them to become gamers? Someone thinks so. That’s why the Shii was invented – a Wii version for women. Here it is:

And after you’ve finished laughing, here are some ACTUAL Wii products you might enjoy:

EA Sports Active – Developed in collaboration with fitness expert Bob Greene, best known as Oprah’s personal trainer, EA SPORTS Active provides a fun, inexpensive and easy to maintain regimen designed to encourage physical fitness and healthy living.

Wii Riiser Aerobic Step for the Wii Fit Balance BoardThe Riiser is a stand that you put under your Wii Fit balance board. It brings the top of the wii fit up to a full 4 inch height, which is the standard height for step aerobics. When you are performing step exercises on the Wii Fit minigames, you will get a much better workout.

PES 2009 Pro-Evolution Soccer – Pro Evolution Soccer is back for 2009! The terms PES and Winning Eleven have always been synonymous with realism and superior gameplay but this year PES will further narrow the gap between the game and the real thing!