Letters to a Young Pug

Wilson the Pug, everyone’s favorite canine Taoist, is about to find out. Otto, the wise old pug who taught him the ways of the Tao-te Ching, is retiring to Boca Raton. Wilson is next in line to take his place as Master of the Taoist pug lineage, but before he can assume his rightful position he must train his own successor.

Through funny letters and charming photographs, Wilson confers with his apprentice, Homer, on the subtle wisdom of the Tao. Unfortunately for Wilson, Homer is more interested in filling his stomach than feeding his mind. And he’d rather nap his way to wisdom.

Beautiful photographs and laugh-out-loud letters that give new meaning to the phrase “it’s a dog’s life”.

Letters to a Young Pug is the third enchanting book from the stars of The Tao of Pug and Homer for the Holidays. Dog lovers everywhere will be thrilled with another hit from Viking Studio’s favorite pug duo.