Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder

Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder

Not surprisingly due to its name, the Mag Pix 1080p HD Mini Camcorder shoots in 1080p widescreen at 30 fps with H.264 encoding. Of course it manages to do all this and fit in your shirt pocket to boot.

The high-res 2.4″ LCD Display makes it easy to see what you’re shooting, and the body of the camera tilts so that you can view the screen head-on and still get the lens pointed at whatever you’re filming. The Mag Pix can shoot still photos as well as video with resolutions up to 3264 x 2448.

A built in LED flash works for still shots and comes on continuously for shooting video. The SD card slot supports up to a 32GB Card giving you up to 160 minutes recording time at the full 1080p resolution. Of course you’ll want to watch your video after you’ve filmed it, which is why the Mag Pix thoughtfully includes a mini HDMI port on the side, perfect for playing back on your widescreen TV. You can also get at the video using the USB 2.0 connector or by simply removing the SD card and popping it into a card reader connected to your computer.

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