Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Women’s Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort’s most popular sports bra, the Fiona features seam-free molded cups with one-way stretch powermesh that encapsulates the breasts for support and limits up and down movement. This means that you can maintain the shape of your bust, while still receiving the high level of support and movement control that you expect from a sports bra.

Two-way stretch powermesh on the back of the bra provides extra-firm support, while front adjustable straps with Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Braflattering design lines and a concealed hook-and-loop closure provide a perfect fit and enhance support. The wide-banded back will not bite into your sides and is fastened with three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows. Bras with bands sized 40 to 44 have a fourth row on the band. The Fiona Bra is constructed with fabrics that manage moisture for high-intensity activities.

Designed for high-impact sports, the Fiona features combined encapsulation and compression support. The encapsulation bra cup construction surrounds the breast to give support and shaping, protecting the breast tissue from horizontal, vertical, and circular motion during sports. Compression bra construction redistributes breast tissue to evenly press against the chest wall limiting overall motion. The Fiona is an exceptional sports bra, designed to flatter a woman’s form, while offering optimum fit and comfort performance.


  • Seam-free molded cups
  • One-way stretch Powermesh encapsulates in front
  • Two-way stretch Powermesh in back
  • Adjustable front straps
  • Concealed front hook-and-loop closure on straps
  • Three plush-backed hook-and-eye rows on band
  • Fourth row on 40-44 bands

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