One for Each Candle: 8 Great Hanukkah Gifts Under 10$

It’s Hanukkah time, my friends! Yes, the lovely Jewish holiday, with the Menorah, the candles, the dreidels and the wonderful Hanukkah doughnuts.

Hanukkah is also a time for giving gifts and money to kids and other loved ones. You can browse What Gift for many different Hanukkah gifts, and you can take a look at this list, which offers you 8 great Hanukkah gifts (one for each candle) – all for 10$ or less.


Chanukiah (Menorah) Cookie Cutter: Make cookies in the shape of the Menorah! Simple, sweet and cheap 🙂


Embossed Menorah Hanukkah Greeting Cards With Envelopes: Send your holiday greetings with style, with this lovely, decorative set.


Ceramic Village Hanukkah Menorah: We can’t have a Hanukkah without a Hanukkia, can we? A beautiful ceramic Menorah – the perfect way to light up your Hanukkah.The curved design allows the slim, modern menorah to stand on its own, and features a painted village with a temple bearing the Star of David in the center.


Menorah Silver Tone Pewter Pendant: A stylish little gift that any girl would love. This piece is a fine crafted pewter pendant necklace and it’s made from the highest quality 100% pewter.


Painted Wood Dreidels: No Hanukkah can be celebrated without a good game of dreidel! These lovely dreidels are colorful, and made of wood – traditional and natural at the same time.


Hanukkah Swings – MP3 Album: Good music always adds to the holiday atmosphere. For only 9.99$ you get the perfect addition to the Hanukkah celebration.


Hanukkah Moon (Paperback): A wonderful children’s story – the perfect way to get the kids into the Hanukkah mood and joy.


Hanukkah LED Fan with 7 Flashing Displays: Can’t have a list like this without a gadget of some sort, right? So here it is – a LED fan which flashes the words to the Dreidel song, different Hanukkah symbols and more.

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