Petzl TacTikka Plus 4-LED Headlamp

A top-quality headlamp for night hiking, camping, climbing, or night fishing.

The TacTikka Plus (black color) is lightweight (78 g with batteries) and comfortable to wear, which is a good thing, since you’re likely to be using it over longer stretches of time.

Another great feature of the LED bulbs is that they are much more impact-resistant than incandescents: you’re really going to have to smack it hard against something before you lose your illumination.

Plus, LEDs are extremely energy-efficient. According to the manufacturer, you’ll get functional illumination up to 150 hours on the included batteries, depending on which light levels you operate at.

Technical Details:

* LED headlamp with adjustable headband
* Designed for early morning fishing, but also suitable for hiking, climbing, camping
* Three lighting levels and pull-down red filter
* Includes 3 AAA batteries
* 3-year guarantee

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