5 Unusual and Funny Valentine’s Gifts

It’s OK, you know. You don’t have to follow the herd. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all about hearts and soppy cards. You can go another way – give your loved one a funny, wacky or stupid Valentine’s Day gift. That is, if you are sure they have the right sense of humor.

Here are 5 Unusual and Funny Valentine’s Gifts:


The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit – The Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit contains serious roadside emergency supplies like an emergency blanket, first aid supplies and instructions to change a flat tire, but it also contains other emergency items like chocolate, nail file, aromatherapy headache remedy and more! All the necessities a woman might need. A cool gift – and a useful one, too.



Dead Fred Pen Holder – Is your significant other feeling stressed and frustrated? Do they need someone to take their aggression out on? The Dead Fred Pen Holder is the perfect gift for them!



Dennco Golfer’s Drink Dispenser and Cooler-Kooler Klub – A perfect way to show your love to your favorite golfer. It looks like a regular golf club and fits right into your golf bag to hold an insulated 48 oz. of hot or cold fluids.



8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt – Buy one of these glowing shirts for yourself, and gift one to your significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, fembot 2000…). During your normal activities two and a half pixelated hearts will light up on your shirt. Hey… you’re depressed and in need of a recharge. But get within hugging distance of your significant other wearing the matching shirt and suddenly the hearts on both of your shirts start to light up until you’re fully powered up. Go too far astray from the source of your affections and you’ll drop back down to two and a half hearts again. Got it?



Sushi Bath Soap Set – If they love sushi so much they never want to be away from it, now they can take it into the bath with them. It smells like soap, though, thank God 🙂


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Book: Jokes Every Man Should Know

Jokes Every Man Should Know

Why are most joke books so terrible? Why do they always resort to the same tired stereotypes, awful puns, and contrived situations?

Answer: Because good jokes—really good jokes—are as rare as precious gems. Writer and humorist Don Steinberg was not interested in compiling a thousand gags into a giant paperback, because he knew most of the content would be dreck. Instead, he set out to compile the very best of the best, the cream of the crop, the Jokes Every Man Should Know.

Here are jokes for business trips, blind dates, and family get-togethers. Here are eight jokes that will make kids laugh and nineteen jokes that are not at all suitable for children. Here are two jokes about gorillas, three jokes about doctors, one joke involving an alligator and oral sex, eight jokes about heaven, and the world’s only funny knock-knock joke. Packaged in a sleek hardcover format, Jokes Every Man Should Know has the perfect punch line for every occasion.

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