80s Movies that are Still Great to Watch

Moving on with time doesn’t mean you have to abandon what you loved in the past.

Those of us who grew up during the 80s, know and remember many great movies that were made during that time. Sometimes it seems that they don’t make them as wonderful as they used to. Here are some great eighties movies that stayed great, and are certainly worth watching even today.

Great Movies from the 80s


Kevin Bacon was and still is amazing. The songs still take, and the story is a classic one – the young rebel against the old conventions, the new guy is having a hard time being accepted, and the priest’s daughter is always the most naughty one on the block.

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Jumpin’ Jack Flash

A great movie for computers-nostalgia lovers, general geeks and anyone who loves to hear Whoopy Goldberg curse like there’s no tomorrow. The cold war was never funnier.

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Dirty Dancing

One of the most romantic movies ever, with the wonderful Patrick Swayze, may he rest in peace. The songs are still thrilling, and the dancing is still amazing. Almost makes you wanna go and spend your summer at Kellerman’s.

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The Karate Kid

Who didn’t want to learn Karate after watching this movie? Wax on, wax off, people. Karate for defense only!!!


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A crazy movie with a crazy actor, about one of the greatest geniuses ever – Mozart. An ageless, funny and tragic story, that can still remind you how short life is.


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The movie that still gives people the chills, even from 30 years away. Ever wander what’s lurking under YOUR house? And are you still scared of static on your TV set?

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This one hardly needs an introduction. Who you gonna call?!

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