5 Cool Laser Toys and Pens for Under 10$

Laser pens and toys are great fun. You can you them to exercise your pet, decorate the house with lovely effects, or just to annoy other people. It’s your choice 🙂 Here are 5 cool laser toys and pens for under 10$:

  1. 5 Hologram Laser Pet Toy – This little laser pen creates holograms for your cat or dog to chase. It has a mouse, a star, a happy face, a butterfly and a beam.
  2. Pet Stages Laser Fun: Laser Fun is an interactive toy to help you bond with your cat. Laser light offers hours of interactive fun as your kitty leaps, jumps, and chases the beam.
  3. Time Projecting Red Laser Pointer: A cool, geeky gift for any laser lover.
  4. Laser Saber: Very dramatic looking thing for your house. Just don’t try fighting any siths with it!
  5. 42 Piece Laser Pointer: 42 options in one little laser pointer?! You have got to try it!

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