Gift Ideas for College Students

Being a college student isn’t easy. There’s the constant strain of studying, you usually don’t have enough money and of course, you need to maintain a cool social life – otherwise, there’s no point for going to college in the first place, right?

So, college students are poor, busy and active. Easy targets! If you want to buy a gift for a college student, there are many things you can get, that will make them happy. Here are some gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Students

Moleskine Sketch-Book

Moleskine Sketch Book Gift Ideas

The Moleskine Sketchbook is made with top quality heavy paper and is perfect for on the go drawings, sketches and tempera colors. This is a great gift for art students, literature students and for anyone who likes to write on quality notebooks.


Chocolate and Coffee Gift Basket

Gift Basket Chocolate Coffee

A great treat for any student – sweet stuff for the soul, and coffee for the mind. A gift basket like this will be happily accepted by any student!


HUGE 16-Ounce Leak-Proof Travel Mug

Huge Travel Mug Gift

For coffee, tea or even soup – this is a great mug for hard-studying college students. It’s big, it’s ultra-durable and it’s great for hot and cold beverages.


Milk Frother

Milk Frother Gift Ideas

Students don’t have much money, and usually not enough time to go out and get a Cappuccino when they study. This little item – a milk frother – is a cheap, easy way of getting foamy milk into a hot cup of coffee. A great gift!


Coby 4 GB Video MP3 Player with FM Radio

Coby MP3 Player with FM radio

What’s life without music? Every student needs an MP3 player to help pass the time in boring classes, for jogging or just hanging around the dorms. This little MP3 player also has FM radio, and offers a 4 GB capacity for storage of up to 1000 songs, 3500 photos, or 4 hours of video.


Asus 10.1″ Netbook

ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-PU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook

Netbooks are ideal for students – they’re lightweight, easy to carry around, have great battery life and they are relatively cheap. A wonderful gift for students, netbooks are useful, fun and very cool. The ASUS Eee PC 1015PEM-PU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook offers 1GB DDR3 RAM, (2GB Max), Intel GMA 3150 graphics ,250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM) + 500GB Free Web Storage and many more great features.


Book – Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century: The Six-Step Plan to Unlock Your Master-Mind

Accelerated Learning for the 21st Century: The Six-Step Plan to Unlock Your Master-Mind

Knowing how to learn isn’t an obvious skill. Accelerated Learning into the 21st Century contains a simple but proven plan that delivers the one key skill that every working person, every parent and student must master, and every teacher should teach: it’s learning how to learn.



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Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite (6th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Apple iPod nano 8 GB Graphite

Redesigned for music and Multi-Touch, iPod nano is smaller and lighter than ever. You can clip it to your sleeve, jacket, or running shorts and keep your favorite songs at your fingertips, along with the Genius feature, a built-in FM radio, pedometer, and more. And the anodized aluminum finish in six bright colors makes this new design even more brilliant.

Your greatest hits. And taps. And swipes.
The best things in life have a soundtrack, and that’s where iPod nano shines. The Multi-Touch display lets you experience your music in a new way. Tap to play anything you want to hear. Swipe the Home screen to browse your music by songs, albums, artists, playlists, genres, or composers. You can even rearrange the icons on your Home screen so your music is organized just how you like.

Clip on some tunes.
With the new built-in clip, you can walk, run, ride, or dance with your favorite songs on your sleeve (or pocket, jacket, or bag). The album art of the song you’re listening to fits perfectly on the display.

Play all day. And all night.
The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 24 hours of nonstop music. So when you clip on an 8GB or 16GB iPod nano, you’ll have plenty of tunes to make it through your commute, your workout, and beyond.

Shake it up.
Now for something completely random. Give iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library. Shake to Shuffle is perfect for when you’re not in any particular music mood. You never know what you’re going to hear, and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised.

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Creative Labs Zen X-Fi 2 MP3 and Video Player with Touchscreen

Creative Labs Zen X-Fi 2 32 GB MP3 and Video Player with Touchscreen

Introducing the first ever touchscreen player by Creative Technology – the ZEN X-Fi2. No fussy buttons involved, simply let your fingers work their magic across the 3″ TFT LCD screen and gain access to all player features instantly.

The ZEN X-Fi2 now allows you to experience stellar X-Fi technology even with your stored movies and FM radio, restoring audio to even higher levels of clarity than before. Immerse yourself in a natural listening experience as the state-of-the-art X-Fi technology intelligently moves the earphone stereo source away from your ears, simulating an audio experience from a pair of high-end stereo speakers. Take in rich detail from nifty guitar strumming and crisp cymbal clashes and complete the whole experience with the bundled EP-630 in-ear earphones. These premium earphones are designed to block out external noise and even come with three different sizes of ear tips to offer you the most optimum comfort.

Besides a bigger screen size than its predecessor, the ZEN X-Fi2 supports multiple audio formats including the much desired Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), which delivers audio without compromising on its original quality. The player also supports iTunes Plus (unprotected AAC format) which compresses audio data much more efficiently than older formats. Indulge in true pristine audio where you hear your music played the way it was meant to be heard.

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Cheap Gifts: 10 Great Gifts Under 10$

When money is a bit tight, but you still want to buy some gifts for your friends, family or loved ones, there’s always the option of cheap gifts.

Here is a list of 10 cheap gifts – all under the 10$ mark:


Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes – Promote music appreciation and auditory development by introducing your little one to baby-friendly versions of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin and Rossini with the Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes!



America’s Most Wanted Recipes – America’s Most Wanted Recipes, Ron Douglas reveals copycat versions of carefully guarded secret restaurant recipes and shows family chefs how to prepare them at home, saving time and money. With these easy and mouth-watering recipes, families can enjoy a night out in their very own kitchens.



Ghost in the ShellThe skillful blending of drawn animation and computer-generated imagery excited anime fans when this science fiction mystery was released in 1995: many enthusiasts believe Ghost suggests what the future of anime will be, at least in the short term.



True Colors by Cyndi Lauper MP3 Download – A lovely stroll back to the pop music of the 80s.



Verbatim Laser Desktop MouseVerbatim’s Laser Desktop Mouse features laser sensor technology, allowing for rapid response or precision cursor movements. To obtain the ideal laser sensitivity for the application that you are working on, simply take advantage of the variable sensitivity capabilities by pushing a button on the side of the smooth-contoured mouse.



Post-it Flower-Shaped Pop-Up Notes – Pop-up notes can add a bit of life to your home or office – especially if they come in a unique flower shape.



Coby MP200-1G MP3 Player – Plays MP3 and WMA digital music files, mobile data storage function, convenient integrated USB plug (no cables required), USB 2.0 hi-speed for fast file transfers.



Cuisinart 5-Inch Santoku Knife in Hanging Gift Box – A great quality knife for a very low price.



Kissing On VJ Day (Sailor & Nurse) Poster Print – One of the most famous photographs ever published by Life Magazine was shot in Times Square on V-J Day, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Some dozen ex-sailors have claimed to be the amorous seaman and at least two other former nurses have identified themselves as his partner. Life accepted nurse Edith Cullen Shain’s claim to this honor.



Sterling Silver Pendant – Dolphin – Silver pendant of two lovely dolphins, 18mm high.


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Sandisk Sansa Clip 4 GB MP3 Player

Sandisk Sansa Clip 4 GB MP3 Player

For the movers and the shakers who want to shed the baggage of a bigger MP3 player—it’s time to get the skinny on the Sansa Clip player.

Offering five colors to choose from, this lightweight MP3 player delivers major sound for its matchbox size, and storage capacity of up to 2GB*. And with its smart design, you can clip your Sansa Clip player to your bag, pants or sleeves, allowing you to enjoy all the perks of an MP3—hands-free.

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Philips SA44 2 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM Radio

Philips SA44 2 GB Flash MP3 Player with FM Radio

Show off your Philips GoGear digital audio player SA4425, featuring stylish interchangeable covers! Enjoy long time of great MP3 and WMA music featuring Philips patented FullSound technology.

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10 Cool Gifts for Men for Under 25$

Pamper your guy with one of these great gift – and they are all rather cheap.

Here are 10 cool gifts for men – for under 25$.

Gift Idea #1

Coby Sports MP3 Player with FM Radio – With a size and shape small enough to make it a suitable keychain accessory, the Coby 512 MB Sports MP3 player is an optimally portable music player for both marathon-length runs and road trips across the country.

Gift Idea #2

Casio Men’s Silver Tone Analog Bracelet Watch – Elegant, beautiful and simple. A perfect gift for the stylish guy.

Gift Idea #3

Under Armour Heatgear Golf Glove – The micro-capsulated Cabretta leather on this Under Armour Heatgear Golf Glove provides ultra-grip performance and club control. Strategically placed Heatgear fabric offers an extra level of comfort through premium moisture management and temperature regulation.

Gift Idea #4

The Art of Shaving – Well, someone has to teach him how to do it right, right?

Gift Idea #5

Traveler Lower Crown Fedora Packable Hats – Soft, lightweight 100% wool Lite Felt. Regains perfect shape even after unpacking. Great for travelers.

Gift Idea #6

Cross Classic Century Black Ball-Point Pen – The Cross Classic Century Black Ball-Point Pen with 23 Karat Gold Plated Appointments is an elegantly-styled writing instrument that provides consistent, smooth ink delivery. This ball-point pen features smooth, slim-twist action and gold-plated appointments.

Gift Idea #7

Guinness Label Tankard – For a guy who is SERIOUS about his beer.

Gift Idea #8

Special Playing CardsThis high quality wooden box includes two decks of Copag 100% plastic playing cards. The cards are the EPOC design, jumbo index, narrow bridge size. The wooden box was made in Brazil and the rich dark wood still has the smell of the Amazon!

Gift Idea #9

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant 2008 NBA MVP T-Shirt – This officially licensed short-sleeve shirt is decorated in the team colors and crafted using a comfortable and breathable 100% cotton fabric for a soft feel.

Gift Idea #10

Two Speed All-Body MassagerThis hand-held massager has everything you need for a total body massage. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more!

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