5 Great Beer Mugs for St. Patrick’s Day

You can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without some BEER, now can you?

And for beer – you need a good beer mug. Here are 5 great beer mugs to buy this St. Patrick’s Day:


Guinness Label Tankard – Get a grip on a pint of Guinness beer with this sharp-looking mug. Round Guinness Extra Stout label on the front shows the world what beverage youre enjoying. Mug is 5″ tall and holds one British Imperial pint.


Pirate Beer Mug – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Etched Glass Beer Stein with Irish Leprechaun – The image is deep cut into the glass and will be there forever.


Stoneware Beer Mug – Each piece of Temperature Ware is made from ancient soapstone over a half a billion years old, the minerals naturally hold temperature. Fantastic solid soapstone beer mugs can be frozen to subzero temperatures and are perfect for keeping your beer cold for a longer period of time.


Arthur Court Bulldog Beer Mug – A rugged bulldog crests a resoundingly masculine beer mug. Designed by Arthur Court, the glass mug holds approximately 14 ounces of your preferred beer.

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7 Cool Gifts for Kids for Less than 10$

Here’s a quick and cool list fot you – 7 great gifts for kids – all for 10 Dollars or less! Click on the gift’s name for more details and purchasing options.


Ty Scooby Doo – Your basic lovely plush toy, in the shape of the famous dog. Price: 8.99$


Hannah Montana Song Writing Swing with Doll – An exact replica of Hannah Montana’s porch swing from the TV show. Comes with accessory pieces for Hannah to write her own music. Price: 5.99$


Disney Clickables Fairy Game – Clickables Fairy Game is a portable electronic handheld game that allows you to play 5 different arcade games anytime, anywhere!! ┬áPlay as your favorite characters, Tink, Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn and Iridessa and earn points. Price: 5.99$


Brute Chieftain from Halo 3Highly detailed, non-articulated, large-scale action figures. Accurate down to the smallest detail, the legendary figures are posed to re-create the look of in-game play. Price: 5.99$


Clifford the Big Red Dog – Children love the idea of the things you could do and the fun you could have with a giant dog, and Norman Bridwell’s delightful, Clifford-proof board-book edition will not disappoint. Price: 3.99$


Tamagotchi Watch – Seems like the Tamagochi craze will never end. Price: 9.99$


Pirate Sticker Book – The easy-to-use, glow-in-the-dark stickers can be used over and over. Price: 6.99$

If you are interested in more cheap gifts – check out our ever-updating list of cheap gifts.

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