10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Under 10$

Times are tough, but that’s not going to break us! Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you can still buy a lovely gift for your loved one – even if you are on a budget. Remember, the gift is not about the price – it’s about the intention and the love you show.

Here are 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for under 10$ – yes, seriously CHEAP gifts:


XOXO Sneak Attack Women’s French Wallet – Nice and simple – a lovely gift for your favorite lady. Price: 4.99$



Spiderman Men’s Boxer Shorts – If he is into comics (or if you are into it) – this is a nice, cheap little gift he can enjoy. Price: 3.90$



ALDO Savela – Women’s Sunglasses – It’s the perfect season to shine! Go for these chic sunglasses combining black and white arms and lavender lenses. Price: 5.98$



Valentine’s Milk Chocolate Heart & Lips Set – Love, kisses and chocolate – the classic Valentine’s Day gift. Price: 6.99$



Pretty Woman (15th Anniversary Special Edition) – Sure, it’s a chick-flick, but many guys secretly love this movie, too. Watch it together and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day. Price: 9.99$



Barry White – All-Time Greatest Hits – Many women are known to quiver when they hear the sound of Barry White. Wanna try? Price: 9.97$



iSnug iPod Case – If they can’t leave their iPod alone, at least let them carry it with style. Price: 9.99$



Mouse Pad with Recycled Materials and Panda Print – Cute and ecological at the same time. Who doesn’t like pandas, anyway? Price: 8.99$



Twin Heart Sterling Silver Love Ring – Stylish, minimalist and says it all – two hearts in one place. Price: 7.99$



Gifts That Bloom ~ Aromatherapy Rose Garden: Don’t settle for a simple boquet – go for something special that keeps. This easy-to-use indoor gardening kit makes it easy for avid enthusiasts and beginners alike to experience the joy of growing their own flowers. Just add water and sunshine to enjoy it. Price: 8.95$


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