Wii 9 In 1 Sports Pack

Wii is definitely the console of 2008. It’s unique, it’s fun and it makes you get up and PLAY.

Wii has many accessories, and this is a very cool collection of them: Wii 9 In 1 Sports Pack.

Enjoy the realism added to your gaming experience and easily switch according to the multitude of games with this must have item for your Wii collection. These accessories will make you feel as if you were playing more than a video game but an actual sport.

The lightweight material assures that these accessories will not be a heavy burden on your arms, allowing you to enjoy lengthier playing time without tiring as quickly. Located at the base of the attachable handle is a compartment that is designed for the Wii remote control to fit right into. With the remote snuggly secured, and your chosen attachment screwed onto the handle you can freely swing, drive and steer to the action of your Wii game.

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