Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo Hand Warmer

Carry the Zippo Hand Warmer to combat the cold. Warm your hands while skiing, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, or sitting at your favorite athletic game.

Put the Hand Warmer to work on the job: forestry service, construction, or virtually any outdoor occupation. Built for winter warriors, the Zippo Hand Warmer features a sleek and compact design that fits easily into your pocket, gloves, or pants. Get two, one for each pocket. The Hand Warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid to produce more than ten times the heat as traditional models and lasts for up to 12 hours. Plus, it comes with a one-year guarantee, making the Zippo Hand Warmer a perfect fit for any outdoors enthusiast. Measurements: 2 3/4″ Wide by 4″ long.

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