Vidmind’s OTT platform lets operators, service providers and content companies to quickly launch next generation TV services.

Offer subscribers your own branded TV and VOD service at minimal risk and cost.

The TV of Tomorrow. Available now.

Vidmind’s platform lets service providers, from Telcos through broadcasters and retailers, launch a fully featured next generation TV service, available on TVs, tablets, smartphones and more.

Vidmind’s innovative OTT solution allows internet service providers, mobile operators and content owners to easily and quickly launch a primary TV Everywhere service.

Vidmind’s cloud-based solutions enable users to benefit from capabilities, which far exceed existing Pay-TV services, and show fast return on investment.

Our unique risk free model offers the following advantages:

  • Pay as you grow business model
  • Complete End-to-end solution
  • Fast deployment and easy on boarding
  • Supreme user experience


TV Has To Get Better But Remain Simple.

Vidmind offers a complete solution managing and delivering personalized and engaging social TV service including live content, Catch-up, VOD, apps as well as advanced monetization tools.

The service is delivered across multiple platforms and connected devices. We fully cover everything required to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service management. This includes content preparation, management and delivery, contracts and subscribers management, monetization, billing and advertisement.

Our OTT platform and unique business model allows our customers to launch a complete branded TV and VOD service at minimal risks and costs. We level the TV playing field for everyone, offering consumers more choice and providing operators a logical and profound business model.


The Vidmind platform turns raw content into engaging viewing experiences to support a full OTT TV and VOD offering.

It’s a single end to end solution, optimized and integrated so that all workflows relating to the service are simple and seamless.

It is elegant; a full high quality service can be launched in 90 days.

The Vidmind Cloud TV solution was made for scale and simple management.

Offered in a pay as you grow model and quick to launch, our platform lets TV service providers focus on the content and user acquisition rather than on complex technology that is difficult to operate.

How it Works


The Vidmind Cloud TV Platform is the control center for operators. Using a cloud-based infrastructure, operators can provision the service, manage media content and target subscribers with deals and promotions. Comprising patent-pending technology, the Vidmind platform is our own magic factory. This is where content is ingested, transcoded, encrypted and delivered. Operators can manage subscriber settings, gain insights on specific customer segments and tailor content offering to them.