5 Stupid-but-Fun USB Gadgets

Everything can be connected to a USB port – we already know that. USB gadgets can be useful, but they are mostly stupid and fun. Here are 5 USB gadgets for your amusement:


USB Mini Aquarium Toy – Make your workspace more soothing and entertaining with this USB mini aquarium. When powered on, the fish swim around. Also has a color-changing LED light, making it useful as a nightlight as well.



USB Missile Launcher – Who doesn’t need one of those?! Annoy the hell out of your co-workers, as you attack them with foamy missiles!



Humping Dog USB – Just plug it into an USB port and watch it in action. This spunky mutt will not stop, until you pull him out. Fun, eh?



Tengu USB Powered CharacterLip Sync Dude Tengu reacts to sounds by animating its seven different LED face expressions, lights up and lip syncs to music, your voice, or whatever noise happens to be around at the time.



USB Eye Warmer – Sure, it’s very useful. You can keep your eyes WARM with it. Wow.